Do’s and Don’ts of an E-Commerce Website Design

Visitor counters
No professional website would include a counter that can be seen on the page that records the number of visits a site has received. There are plenty of other ways that you can record and receive this information without looking like an amateur. It may be worth your while once you have done the heavy lifting to ask an e-commerce agency to give your website the once over. It will cost a small amount of money but it will be money well spent.

Keep text simple
Just because you can create the most amazing effects it doesn’t mean that you should. What are you selling? Are you selling a website construction program or your particular product or service? It’s a very old saying but Keep It Simple Sam. london web design agency Too much neon-style flashing text bombarding the visitor will simply make your website look like a street in a red light district. For guidance on how an e-commerce website should look, visit the website of a digital agency that you admire and look at examples of their work for their e-commerce clients.

Give each web page a specific title
Make it easy for search engines to pick up key words in your page titles. In other words, imagine that your visitor can only hear the page title and cannot see the page owing to poor vision. For example, a good e-commerce digital agency would never give a page a title such as: Look at what we can offer you below. How does a page title like that help a search engine put your page high up the search rankings? On the other hand a page title such as the following is beautifully specific: Bicycle helmets and other bike accessories.

Avoid key word stuffing
Everyone has heard of search engine optimization and there was a time when people used to hide thousands of invisible to the naked eye key words in the hope that the search engines would rank a website higher. If you do that today, your website will be ignored by the search engines even after you’ve removed all the stuffed in key words. Write your copy well but analyse with the help of Google and other search engines the key words that pertain to your product or service and make sure that you include them in your all your text: body copy, headlines, photo tags and META tags.

Don’t be Flash
Flash and videos have their place but how you use them is key to whether a visitor arrives and quickly leaves or arrives and buys. A good web design agency will use Flash sparingly so that it has the desired effect. Now that broadband has come of age and everyone is used to surfing, people are much more interested in what your website says about you, than whether your website offers sparkling entertainment. of course, no e-commerce website designer would dream of creating a website that looks dull, but bombarding a visitor with too much imagery can simply drive them away.

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