many uses of Handmade Hallway Runner rugs

For many novice home decorators, the use of area rugs is a great way to add comfort and warmth to a home. When most people think of decorating with area rugs, they tend to think of the larger types of rugs used in living rooms and dining rooms. However, other space like hallways, stairs, and entryways can also be candidates for use of a rug. These spots can just as easily be decorated with the use of rug runners.

The Benefits of Using Runner Rugs

Runner rugs were designed especially for the narrower areas of a house. They’re able to add accents to spaces that are, otherwise, considered secondary spaces in the house. While being a very attractive decoration, they also have added benefit of serving a practical purpose. Runner rugs tend to occupy only high traffic areas and help to provide traction thus reducing the chance of slips and falls. They are useful to protect hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring while, at the same time, tying together different themes in different rooms. They can be quite useful in covering up damaged areas of a floor as well. Another great benefit of runner rugs is that they can help lower your energy bill. Wool rugs can help trap heat in the winter and cooler air in the summer.we offer best handmade hallway runner rugs in Cape Town South Africa

Rug Runners as Decoration

As with choosing any area rug, you should first determine the size of the space the rug will occupy. This is a simple length and width measurement. When using runner rugs just subtract a minimum of 4 inches from the width. This allows for at least 2 inches of floor exposed on either side. Next subtract approximately 2 feet from the length thus leaving 1 foot of floor at either end of the rug uncovered. This simple procedure frames the rug perfectly into the space while not making it too overwhelming. After you’ve determined the right size, you should consider the design you want the rug to have. With the wide array of patterns available, picking out the right design will be a matter of personal preference. One thing you should take note of is the existing d├ęcor. Try choosing a rug that will compliment without distracting from the room itself. However if you’d prefer the rug be more dominant, try tying it into a non dominant color already in the room. This will help the rug to stand out more without clashing completely with the existing colors.


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